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I worked on a site on the camac and have seen some flood plain drawings its kinda sad the way things have developed around these rivers… compared to other citys…

I would agree with you in respect of the Camac anyway. The Planning Dept. see the river as an amenity, but the drainage division just see it as a surface water drain. Consequently planning permissions are often loaded with contradictory conditions about enhancing the amenity, and on the other hand, widening the river channel.

There are numerous recent apartment development boardering onto the Camac, with loads more in the pipeline, and the thing that sticks out most is that there is absolutely no consistency of treatment to the river.

All new developments have some kind of riverbank walkway, but some are narrow cantilevered concrete shelves out over the river and others are just part of the tarmac car park. None of the walkways seem to join up, or would be capable of being joined up in the future.

The same happens with the river wall treatment. Some developments were conditioned to have new river walls stone faced, to broadly match the predominant original treatment, but others were just left concrete with maybe a bit of brick trim for class.

Surely it wouldn’t have been that difficult for DCC, when it decided that the Camac was a heritage and natural amenity, to set out clearly what the flood issues were, and to set out clearly what standards they expected each developer to achieve in addressing this valuable asset.

Some of the widened stretches function so poorly, because the water volume is insufficient to scour the widened channel, that the slow side is silting up nicely creating handy deposits that I’m sure the next good flood with use to bring down the last couple of original bridges.

I attach a couple of pictures of the Camac near Bow Bridge from a few years ago. Nothing in either of these two shots, except the back of a few houses on Kilmainham Lane, survives todfay

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