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I have just read out the paper article relating to the Dublin’s traffic problems on the Irish times yesterday

Some of the plans notes as follows,
Proposals to have a free flow Red cow junction rather than having traffic lights on it (current proprosal)
Fast track upgraded M50 and upgrading surrounding roads into Meath, Kildare and Wicklow, which will be a relief to thousands of commuters, as well as investment in rail
Low cost quick schemes for investing into public transport such as metro/rail to airport and a high frequency travel for lorries and HGVs using the M1 & M50
Fast tracking Hueston station to Connolly underground rail link.

And a blue zone where no cars allowed in the city centre, I think? likewise Munich in Germany.
There is more on that article
I can’t seem to get a hold of the issue :confused:

Also what do you think of the new Dundalk bypass, is it really beneficial???
The M4 Kilcock to Kinennegad will be opening at Christmas

Also the Red cow roundabout and Naas road widening is also going well, the Naas road is over six months a head of schedule!! , Great news for commuters nationally!

query on the Metro airport Link, is it still on the line or stacked???

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