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thanks, you’re right, lots of ifs and buts :confused:

However, we made some progress with a site visit. We ruled out the idea of exempted extension and established with our builder that we could do the kind of kitchen extension we want if we can get planning. We also had some very helpful pre-planning advice that ‘continued use as a residential property would be acceptable’ and our rough outline proposals for extension would be welcomed by the planning office (in principle at least).

So the big issue is whether we would get permission for retention of the existing septic tanks and drainage, while we think about our options to improve in the future.

For information, the cottage has been continuously habited for generations. The most recent drainage updates were done quite recently, circa 1998, but without any planning application.

There is about 286m2 of space to the rear of the house (13m x 22m). There are two septic tanks, a grey water soak pit and drain field/percolation within this area. The tanks are about 30 feet from the cottage (9m+) in one back corner and the percolation in the other back corner, maybe 15m from the tanks and about the same from the cottage (we are trying to find out how it was constructed and how extensive it is). The neighbouring plots are agricultural or laid to waste so I suspect no-one ever raised any queries about it. Mains water, so there’s no issue about wells. Only a one bedroom cottage so minimum number of people, but I can’t see where you’d fit enough pipe trenches, far enough apart, to meet 2009 specs.

There is a chance of buying one of the small neighbouring waste plots at some point, which would solve the problem of extending the percolation further away in the future but we can’t guarantee it at the point of sale on the cottage. So we have to buy it ‘as is’.

We know that other sites in the area have passed the EPA test but does anyone think there is any chance of us actually being refused an application to retain what’s there now? Do these things ever get refused for a long-existing habited dwelling?

PS. also happy to hear from any good architects interested in renovaton and extention to an old traditional cottage in the South Galway area.

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