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Sunday, November 13, 2005 – By Neil Callanan

North Wall Community Association chairman Gerry Fay

&#8220] in fighting for and getting planning permission for a 100 metre tower has caused the DDDA to belatedly react,” he wrote.

“Fay has submitted that both towers should instead be built and the money saved could “go towards the building of proper family orientated sustainable social housing on Spencer Dock’‘.

Not too much left to the imagination in terms of Fay’s motivation to get the booty in the form of houses into his own turf nor his accuracy in that Carroll has effectively killed what was a Dunloe scheme and very much a Noel Smyth play.

I’m not so sure that two towers should be built literally on top of each other as they would probably look jumbled in the context of such a low skyline elsewhere; however either would be a good addition I feel.

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