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@Pepsi wrote:

It’s just hard to see these high rise projects really happening when so many of them have been rejected in the past.

They have planning already, therefore they will be built. There are some talks going on about the U2 tower. The below may be of interest:

DDDA accused of arrogance
Sunday, November 13, 2005 – By Neil Callanan
The Dublin Docklands Development Authority (DDDA) has been accused of being “breathtaking in its arrogance” by assuming that its plans for the U2 tower in the docklands should take precedence over a higher tower planned by developer Liam Carroll, which already has planning permission.

North Wall Community Association chairman Gerry Fay has written to the DDDA stating that it is “patently obvious that the DDDA completely underestimated the scale of development required at this location in 2000, when the original plans were drawn up’‘.

“The vision and initiative shown by Zoe [Developments] in fighting for and getting planning permission for a 100 metre tower has caused the DDDA to belatedly react,” he wrote.

“The DDDA were caught ball watching – rolled and mugged, once again they are now playing catch up.”

The director of architecture at the DDDA has proposed two options that would allow a joint development between the DDDA and Carroll on the site, which was owned by Dunloe Ewart prior to Carroll’s takeover and delisting of the company.

Fay has submitted that both towers should instead be built and the money saved could “go towards the building of proper family orientated sustainable social housing on Spencer Dock’‘.

Minutes from a Dockland Council meeting in July 2005 show that the authority is in active negotiations with Carroll to seek a joint development of his property and the DDDA’s Britain Quay property “which will provide that there will be only the U2 Tower and in addition that the Dunloe Ewart property will be developed only in accordance with the planning scheme’‘.

In a separate letter to the DDDA, Fay has asked whether two towers will be built on Britain Quay or whether a joint development will be carried out.

He has also asked for the details of any agreement reached between the DDDA and Carroll including the price paid and the terms and conditions

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