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Stephen C is missing my point. Politicians have a role in Local Government to rezone lands. Local Authority Planners and An Bord Pleanala have the role of deciding whether or not these lands are developed and to what density. The people who granted the permissions had access to all historical information in relation to flooding etc. It should be borne in mind that Local Authorities are currently stuffed with Planners of all grades. The same number roughly as when the Country went through the boom. What are they doing. I believe that this Government want to reduce the Local Authority and An Bord Pleanala pay bill by finding some other role for these people. So they have come up with the idea of a Planning Regulator composed of the very people who were involved in granting developments which were not necessary. County Councils are the people charged with determining demand for residential accommodation and they have access to CSO and other data to assist them in this. Its not rocket science, in fact its just common sense. Self Regulation has proven to be a disaster in the past. Just look at the Legal Profession, the Gardaí, the Bankers. The workload in An Bord Pleanala is getting very light so a role must be found for these Planners many of whom are grossly overpaid. So I would say to Phil Hogan and Enda Kenny please ponder over this Regulator Post and Office for a while and look to Independent sources of Regulation for Planners and Planners decisions in Ireland. The problem lies with the Executive rather than the County Councillors who have a short shelf life if they misbehave. They can be judged by the electorate and they will be this coming May. No such method exists for culling errant Planners when they get it wrong.

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