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The new Planning Regulator to be established is just another publicity stunt by Phil Hogan and the Government. It will be simply be giving An Bord Pleanala additional powers in relation to Land Use Zoning. The big difficulty with Planning in Ireland at this moment is not being addressed at all. The Government need to take a look at the Local Authorities themselves (the Executive Branch) and An Bord Pleanala. These are the folks who granted permission for all the excessive development in Ireland during the boom years and this is never mentioned. The County Managers and the Chair of the Appeals Board should be hauled before a Dail Committee and asked to explain themselves. It was not the County Councillors who made the decisions on Planning Applications and nobody has been held to account for these decisions. Its high time that those responsible were exposed and not given an enhanced role in the future Planning of this country disguised as a Planning Regulator.

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