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Oh g-d. Here we go again.:(

hutton isn’t anti-one-off. As you’ll see from that thread, he (?) was one of the more diplomatic posters- his beef was with people who post queries similar/identical to previous discussions without having first checked the previous threads on the site. There are plenty of us here far more hard line than he about such matters as one-off houses. But crucially, in his defence, you didn’t mention anywhere in your OP that you were pro-one-off, or give details of your touching story. You asked for info and he provided a link to some info. Perhaps not the best info, but not a million miles from what you asked for imho, and most importantly the kind of info you would have found if you’d done a search.

Simple rule of thumb: specific queries get specific answers, generic queries get links to previous threads.

For the record, the planning rules coming in regarding one-off houses is that, within 10 years, no more will receive permission because all of our land will have been built on by people with ‘an attachment to the land’. You mightn’t read this in the meeja just yet, but mark my words, it’s only a matter of time… Too much time, in my book, but you’d probably gathered that by now.

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