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I was born in Omagh, I return frequently and I have had a long interest in planning and development. During the consultation process the public where given a chance to view the five shortlisted designs for the memorial garden and where invited to respond via a comment slip.I stated on the form that while I believed all of the proposals to have merit Sean Hillen’s design lacked the seclusion and intamacy required for a space of personal reflection, was unnessarly complicated and would be a broken, malfunctioning piece of gimmic art within a decade. Imagine my unplesant surprise as I drove past the “garden” briefly on wednesday to find my worst fears exceeded. The masive football stadiumesque lighting/mirror gantry dominates the site which is wet and windswept and exposed to the passing motorists like a f**king drive-in funeral parlour. And local ratepayers have to pay for this themselves. The truth would be a more fitting memorial.
Words alone cannot express how upset i feel this is just shite.

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