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When I first saw the building going up on Amiens Street I thought finally someone had seen the folly of the ridiculously long walk to and from the suburban platforms in Connolly and re-instated the old entrance – but no…that would have required a bit of cop on

You’re talking about another new addition to the street beside the old DART entrance. Thats not completed yet but it looks okay although it jars with the terrace of Georgian buildings next door. Since these house an innercity drugs clinic its probably too much to suggest that they should look any better than they do. However they are protected structures and its clear to see that that still means very little. All the wooden sashed are gone replaced with a variety of different window types…all uPVC. The building needs cleaning and upgrading. The new addition looks okay so far though. Its quite a narrow building in relation to its height if you look at it coming from Connolly.

The building Gay is refering to is on the corner of Amiens Street and Killarney Street at the Five Lamps – Five Lamps Place this one is called Its certainly a vast improvement on the incoherent mess that was contructed about 2 years ago opposite. The glazed barrel in the centre looks quite good as you approach from North Strand and the overall finish is very good. Its unremarkable otherwise but a good addition to the changing streetscape down here.

Also along Amiens Street the observant of you may have noticed that Connolly Station recieved a bit of a spruce up ovwer Christmas including some new lighting. Its nice bright white fllodlighting but unfortunately its a bit invasive and they could have learned alot from the floodlighting used on the GPO. Unlike the GPO there are plenty of nooks and crannys and stringcoursing on this building to hide flooflights and it would have given a much better effect.

Amiens Street has a long way to go however particularly in the public domain. A smart new paving and tree planting scheme for here would be great…perhaps along the lines of Dorset Street’s new scheme. Some order and structure to the street would really give the positive impression one should get that you are entering the city centre. The area in front of Connolly Station in particular is awful and you really feel that you need to cross a river of traffic before you can get onto Talbot Street and into the city centre. It doenst help for connecting to Busaras either. CIE recently announce they would be building a new Bus Station to compliment Busaras at the rear of Connolly, I presume off Sherrif Street.

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