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@Graham Hickey wrote:

Almost fawning πŸ™‚

But rightly so – although I see what people mean about the clunky glazing curve: it would have been so elegant with the use of curved glass.
But it is how the building fills that hole on the Green that’s the most satisfying part of its completion – the gradual stepping back of all the buildings into the distance when viewed from Grafton St looks great.
Draws your eye away from the Stephen’s Green Centre too πŸ™‚

I still remember the story on RTE radio the morning ‘A house with strong connections to Daniel O’Connell has been illegally demolished’ obviously nothing was going to bring it back in 1985 Dublin but this building is definitely the best possible outcome. It pains me to say this but I am glad that the site stayed vacant for most of that period as very few groups would have designed such an appropriate building for such a tricky site and it is also highly unlikely that any speculative attempt would have come close to it.. Steping a building into that particular spot must have taken serious thought and there is no comparison between this perfectly judged scheme and BKD’s admirable extension to the Lucent Technologies (ABN-AMRO) building.

An interesting view of this building is through the entrance to the Stephens Green Shopping Centre Car Park, this building has buckets of space but shaved off quite a lot in the 5% of the footprint that could have mired the project for years.

The plant in the corridor has thankfully departed the stage after its three day residency and yes the scale of corridor can be appreciated much more easily without it. πŸ˜€

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