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I can’t see a case for redevelopment; the front blocks both have basements and Block C to the rear is already 7 or 8 storeys given it starts 1.5 levels down; the existing parking provision is extremely attractive and would no doubt be scaled down dramatically if redeveloped. To make it pay would involve a complete rewriting of the building line for the square which would not be without much opposition one thinks.

This observer sees a reletting probably in blocks or even floors of blocks or possibly a 12 month refurb and then a reletting as a substantial corporate HQ complex.

The KPMG complex at Stokes Place is a much more attractive prospect for redevelopment to my mind.

Good photos Graham; this type of lighting makes a very positive contribution and highlights much of what is good about mixed use development; in the City of London you rarely see such lighting because come 6pm the place is only frequented by workaholics scurrying home and does not see much leisure or tourist traffic.

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