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In relation to the above comment

“Every reward they ever receive, or recognition seems to reward them for being individuals which ‘stand out’ from the rest of the crowd, at a time, when it is more incumbent upon architects than ever before, to get back to being part of something, anything,… just to integrate more. “

it seems to me that in order for architecture to integrate more with its auxilliary technical professions, it needs the experience of someone who has worked with these people/crafts/skills. In saying this I am thinking of Aalto’s close collaboration with furniture makers when he was exploring the possibilities of bending wood, or Gehry’s alliance with the CATIA tech guys. But my point is that in each of these cases, the profession benefitted from the experience of a mature architect rather than simply the celebrated imagination of someone who “stood out.” And to me it seems a bit silly to limit this prize to young architects when they are not essentially the ones making the break throughs. And this is coming from a recent graduate.

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