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I would give that no credence as it is mentioned in the same breath as the Vega City project, a definite non-starter. Eurodisney remains a financial dog, visitor numbers and spend are far below projections despite having 10 times Ireland’s total population in its immediate catchment area, Several smaller theme parks in Ireland have failed.

Just to clarify, I mentioned the Vega City project because it was still being proposed at the time; it bears no relation to the Aer Lingus HQ project. I have written extensively on the HQ since then and never mentioned Vega City again because obviously the plan was dropped. Our online archive is down at the moment so I can’t post the URLs of some of the other pieces I’ve done, such as the DAA’s problems with density and its road plans (Nov 2004) which are reinforced in the Fingal Independent piece. The reality by the way is Aer Lingus was highly unlikely to develop the site itself. It will be either sold back to the DAA, the site will be sold on with planning permission or a developer will be brought in as a joint venture partner. From what I understand Aer Lingus is unsure whether it will even continue to base itself on the site – it may look to lease cheap offices elsewhere. I agree however there’s a strong chance it will never happen, albeit I wrote in January that the plans were due to be lodged within days and had been due to go to Fingal in December. I’m told the resignation of Willie Walsh et al has led to the delay and I suppose it remains to be seen what Dermot Mannion makes of it.

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