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Agreed. Buildngs that are in the situation that Corbalis House is in can actually do more harm than good to the ‘cause’ of heritage: Thousands of people are passing by here every day and seeing this attractive old building which looks like it’s been dropped into the middle of a busy modern airport; it makes it ‘ok’ in the public mind for historic buildings to exist like this, completely devoid of their original setting and context.

If Corbalis House was a particularly rare example of its type – say, with an intact panelled wood interior or something – there might be a case for keeping it (where it is), but as far as I know it is not.

Re moving historic buildings:
I think this was considered once for the former Moravian Meeting Hall on Lr. Kevin Street, when they wanted to widen Kevin Street – the Hall would be moved back. But I think it was ditched when they found out how enormously expensive it would be.

I should also say that I think Corbalis House should be demolished because its setting has been wrecked, not because I agree with an increase of activity at the airport. A forecast increase in air passengers is unsustainable, because airplanes are a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions = global warming. Having said that, the proposed new roundy building looks good (if a little like an airplane showroom 😉 ) and anything that helps improve or rationalise the dogs dinner of buildings that is Dublin Airport is obviously a good thing.

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