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I cannot see this being built, not because of the Metro but because of the probable sale of AL. Why invest in a building like that when you are selling the company? They need a small office that is almost empty, not a giant HQ. You plan a project like this to distract your staff and lull them into a false sense of job security (big building = lotsa jobs) before giving them their marching orders. Get them to worry about what the seagulls might do to the glass and forget the bigger picture. Pier 39 above said fill it with profitable shops, hotels, etc, Why should the taxpayer fund a retail development for what is supposed to be an airline business? Anyway, that will probably be found to be in contravention of the company’s charter as an airline and DAA would prevent it!
Dowling / Richards I do not agree with many of your points. Willie W did not bring any destruction to the Aer Lingus “brand.” The earlier management did that for him by allowing the unions run the business. I lived abroad for years and flew to Dublin several times a year. Price + arrogance = Aer Lingus management. Even today it is impossible to find their cheapest offers. Problem 1 is that “hostessing” is a menial job and not the snobbish sexy well-paid one it was made out to be in pre-Celtic Tiger Ireland. Problem 2 is that A.L. staff have neither realised nor been convinced of this.
Flew Ryanair to Birmingham last week, all bar one (pilot) has foreign names. Was just over a day in the ST carpark, cost me more than my ticket & taxes. (Yeah, I know, that’s DAA not AL.)
Dziekuje, do zobaczenia
PS did you know that there is no Customer Service department at AL?

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