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My neighbour is operating a very noisy business very close to me which is causing me and my family much distress. They actually applied for planning permission last year and were refused because of noise and pollution in a residential area, but still are operating even late into the evening. Just wondering if anybody knows how long does it take the local authority to act on this breach of planning especially when they know well how it is affecting us. Any advice please would be so appreciated in where do I go from here?

Thank you for any suggestions

It’s a slow process DCC could get there act together…
A solicitors letter might speed up the process…
Basically file a written compliant with your local authority.
Then after about a month they will send you a form in which you record the occurrences.
Then after another month or two if your lucky they send you audio recording equipment or they may be influenced by the tenant/newspaper/supermarket all rolled into one and do nothing to help you… Then you will call the Garda… The garda will not even issue a traffic infringement if they are breaking the law. You will have to write a letter to the head of the Garda station. And then maybe he/she will sit on it for a few years.

it might just be easier to move house sometimes dB rated earplugs are not enough

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