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Enforcement is a long arduous process and what you’ll find is that the legislation is biased towards the person carrying out the works.
The first this you should do is contact the planning enforcement section and find out if anything is being done about this – don’t assume that because they were refused retention permission that the enforcement case is being actively pursued.
Then if it sounds as if this enforcement case has gone cold – write a letter to the planning authority explaining the background and how operations are still ongoing and how they are still a nuisance despite a refusal. You have to be persistant in this to get anything done – and if any councillors call to your door in the next few weeks looking for your vote don’t be afraid to get them working on it too.
There is also the option of a Section 160 court injunction but this is expensive and risky and you are much better off pursuing all other avenues before you take such an injunction.
Enforcement in this country is a joke – the legislation is weak, the courts are hopelessly biased in favour of alleged offenders and most local authorities have not adequately resourced their enforcement sections. That said – best of luck!!!!

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