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This is a very hard one to call, long term demographics & infrastructure development would suggest that development activity will have to pick up at some stage, the question is when. Anyone who can predict is presumably a liar, but the main factor is obvious, the economy.

If the economy cannot be stabilised, people will ultimately be on the dole or leaving the country, this will seriously dent development activity going forward and erode property prices enormously over a decade or more. Development activity and planning will come to a complete stop.

Needless to say, I can’t predict, but if the government opts for greater emphasis on tax increases rather than cuts in public spending, the prospects of stabilising the economy will be diminished and we could be heading for the 1980s all over again where tax increases further choke the economy, people leave and cities decline….

Hopefully the economy can be sorted out but I suspect this government won’t be the ones to do it. If it can be, planning should be a good long-term career especially given good prospects for population growth & economic growth if we get competitive and get our house in order.

The MRUP is a good course and well worth doing.

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