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As one of the main movers behind the foundation of the Project Arts Centre, and as one of the instigators of the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage (and more generally the Dept of Arts Culture and the Gaeltacht, as was) in his capacity as advisor to Michael D Higgins, Colm O’Briain has had a very positive impact on the fabric of Dublin and on the wider built environment field. If true, it’s a pity he’s decided to nail his colours to this particular mast.
I can’t see how it would benefit NCAD in any way other than financial (assuming they own the Thomas St buildings), though the last time I was up there for the end of year show in June I was struck by just how overcrowded the buildings were, confirmed by friends who are studying there or have studied there in the last few years. Perhaps they can’t afford to expand on the site?

One other point, slightly off topic- I’m a fan of much of the UCD campus, mainly the original Wejchert scheme. The problems with the campus layout today stem from a combination of administrative ignorance and benefactors’ pride (“Here’s a million quid, as long as I can choose the site.”). Although I agree that it should never have moved from the city centre in the first place- President Tierney and his fear of the Protestant sphere of influence (see The Destruction of Dublin for detail).

Here’s hoping the NCAD administration sees sense.

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