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Alek Smart

What a pity Graham,that you didnt ramble a little further Northwards to the junction of Dorset and Nth Frederick Streets where you could have recorded for historical purposes yet another fine example of a City Council which appears to be run by professional wideboys and chancers.

Just as you clearly outline the nonsense of the old vs new Traffic Signal poles at the Waxer,so to could you document the state of the roadway at Nth Frederick St junction.
Here DCC have had almost every Civils Contractor with a JCB in Dublin around to dig,backfill,re-dig and half back-fill again.
The icing on this particular cake was a contractor doing a very nice PERMANENT job but only on HALF the width of the original opening,leaving the other half full of the usual loose chippings and assorted other muck which the heavy rain soon washes away.

It appears that DCC does not have a single Professional Civil Engineer who understands the somewhat fragile relationship which exists between the Irish climate and wheelbarrowfulls of loose filling…..Time and time again throughout the DCC administrative area we see remarkable evidence of Potholes,fissures,and chasms which are negligently filled with loose shingle,tar or simply stones only for the rain to wash it all away and for the original hole to deepen,widen and pose a greater threat to health and safety !

I have given up on this crowd of Shams in Civic Offices,as far as I can make out they subscribe to the Pee`n Bev school of hard neckism with little or no realization of the consequences of their actions… 😮

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