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A pile of pastiche by the sounds of it – and a seven-storey pile at that; they only got six in the end.

Two more views of it nearing completion. It’s even worse that previously could be made out; the ground floor elevation is simply appalling.

And the delightful view looking north.

Clearly they’re the same architects responsible for Jurys on Parnell Street. The blacked out grey-framed glazing, red brick and general box-like treatment is identical. A completely blank facade is now presented to Dorset Street, with no entrance, no windows addressing the thoroughfare, and no design treatment whatever to suggest that it is even the principal elevation – all combining to reinforce Dorset Street’s status as a dual carriageway ploughing its way through the north inner city: it has turned its back on it.

A monstrous blank face, soon to be peppered with air vents and a token pair of uplighters.

And a classic DCC detail outside too. New granite paving is being laid, complete with brushed steel traffic signal poles. Only, given the new pole is already in place beside the old galvanised one…

…then eh, ummm…

And the new pavement is also miserably wide to cater for the left turn onto Granby Row. As can be seen, it gets narrower and tighter as it approaches the corner, an unpleasant sticking point for pedestrians at this busy junction.

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