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I’m sure the original design was thrown out by DCC and a redesign required due to this buildings prominent location and sensitive Georgian surroundings….. aaah yes here it is:

4215/04 Condition 3. The principal elevations Granby Row, Dorset Street and Bethesda Place of the proposed hotel shall be redesigned in a contemporary manner to integrate successfully with the streetscape Granby Row, to reflect the architectural character of Parnell Square / Dorset Street, to provide in form, design and material finish a signature building at the junction of Granby Row / Dorset Street and to protect the Parnell Square / Granby Row vista from Parnell Street / Parnell Square West. Revised elevation and floor plans that would comply with this condition shall be submitted to the Planning Authority for written agreement and such agreement shall be obtained prior to the demolition of the existing structure on site. Reason: In the interests of urban design and streetscape integration and in order to provide a signature building at the gateway of the inner north Georgian city and in the interests of the proper planning and sustainable development of the area.

A very effective condition. I wonder what the original was like.

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