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This is a really awful area of the city ….a real hotch potch of architectural disasters of the 20th century, including the rubbishy concrete case that is the wax museum itself. (and not forgetting that awful Garden of Rememberance.) Jesus what were they thinking. Looking at the photo of how this area once looked, it’s very sad to realize that all the buildings has since been demolished or somewhat botched. I think the Black Church nearby must be the only antique building that has survived. The Wax works/Plaza Cinema as it looks in the photo would have been a grand edifice bar the signage to house the waxworks today. Pity it’s all to go now , including the Finn MacCuill giant which has charm.

This area will be a certified non-event with a bland red brick hotel to match the bland appartments across the road. Although it will inject some capital into the area our tourist friends will need to look out for the ”friendly folk” from the nearby flats.
Too much damage has been done to the city fabric here to recreate what was once the charm in the photo. Gone forever and replaced with dross.

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