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J. Seerski

I was struck by a little browsing today in Easons – I came across a picture book about Dublin’s cinemas, and I have to say the loss of so many buildings and fine interiors is quite a shame – The National Wax Museum building (c1967) was a cinema both before the re-cladding and after – they have a photo of it in that book as well as the old cinema. It was quite stark as a cinema.

Aswell as this, there were phenomenal shots of the interior of the Savoy,Metropole, Theatre Royal and Carlton – I was shocked to learn that the Savoy once had an enormouse 2,900 seat auditorium – it was lavishly decorated. Similar auditoriums existed in the Metropole, Carlton and Theatre Royal.

The exteriors of the original Savoy were quite dignified and restrained, and if there was ever a case for re-instatement, this would be one of them. The canopy was well finished with urns and other Egyptian fanciful decoration.

Have to say seeing the Wax Monstrosity as it was orignially intended – a new cinema – was not too bad.

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