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Alas, stadium deesign in ireland has been almost non-existent. Apart from the notable exception of Croke Park, which is my view is the best stadium of its size in Europe, the rest of the stadia in ireland are a bit wobbly to say the least. Landsdowne Rd was good in its day but badly needs a makeover. From what i can gather, the new redeveloped stadium will resemble the Hong Kong stadium. While a nice design, it is not the most practical for Dublin given that the high arc in the stadium roof still exposes most fans to the elements. But in its defence, both Landsdowne and Croker are great in terms of atmosphere. Anyone familiar with the long souless trek to out of town stadiums will understand what i mean. Other GAA grounds in Ireland are pretty bog basic, but at least they developed and still own the grounds. The football fraternity are a joke in that regard. Having spent many a sunday watching Cork City FC do their thing, it still baffles me how first Flower Lodge went, then Bishopstown ‘stadium’ came, and went, and then back to Turner’s Cross again. At least the cross has been redeveloped and now possess more than a muddy ‘terrace’. Check out the following link for photos on each of the club grounds in ireland (and UK).

And this link for great info on design and photos of stadiums in Euroland. Interestingly, Croker is the second biggest stadium in Europe…with 700 seats less than the San Siro!

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