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Most of the good will towards athletics in Ireland has died off because of doping and the lack of serious Irish competitors.
It’s a disgrace the way track and field facilities (for example Belfield) have been let go to rack and ruin.
But there just isn’t any good reason to put in place a track at Lansdowne Road.
Neither the FAI or IRFU would agree to it … and the chances of a big Euro/World athletics event getting a full house here is non-existent. Santry is more than adequate for the national championships at the moment.
A lot of the National Stadiums were built with athletics tracks because they were built for the purposes of holding the Olympics, ie Rome, Barca, Berlin.
Stade de France was built that way with a Parisian Olympic bid in mind. A similar situation has arisen in London with Wembley and their Olympic bid. But the extra cost is enormous.
Only Gay Mitchell thinks the Olympics will ever come to Dublin.

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