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For starters the GAA does nothing for Ireland on the world stage – it is a regional oddity that the rest of the world has no idea about. The people of Cork may think that Setanta or Christy Ring are great spoting ledgens, but I can assure you that more Europeans are aware of who plays in midfield for Shelboure or Bohemians than have ever heard of hurling, let alone DJ Carey.

Who gives a shit? many cultures and countries have their own unique sports, including America and Australia, and others. The idea that we should follow the world’s most boring sport – except maybe at International level – is absurd. The chicken league is crap and following English soccer teams is childish nonsense, why not support the English soccer team outright? Why not support a local Brazillian tiddlywinks team.They are equally nothing to you. Rugby – a decent game – is different, as we can follow the provinces.

This begs the question, why does the government plow staggering sums of money into an organisation which does not and will never serve Ireland on the world stage? Does this funding of a regionalised idiosyncratic oddity such as the GAA rob Ireland of sportsmen and women who could bring international recognition to Ireland on the world stage if there was no GAA?

Again, who cares ( and by and large the GAA funds itself at local level, something which the incompetant FAI can’t manage).

Your real problem – and the problem of all sleveens – is that Ireland dares to be different in anything. That drives you nuts, being a atomised consumer of corporate consumerism, one of whose products is the worlds dullest games, whose low scoring insipid “play” you duly consume as expected and as advertised by cable TV; though who wins what pathetic soccer match in England should have no influence on your existance. At least supporting a county makes sense, as does supporting a country, and people who support other regional oddities ( like BaseBall) support their local teams. As do English people who would be soccer supporters if it were a “regional oddity”, and were when it was – back in the 19th century.

The world is full of “regional oddities”. It is what makes it interesting.

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