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Ahhh – well that cetainly puts a different spin on matters. Certainly explains the dubious doorcase. I also thought the chanelling looked a tad weak and very fresh, but let it go. As with Paul, it’s been under wraps for so long I just imagined the ground floor to be like that of the adjacent Tegral house – seems to be where they’ve taken their cue from for the door anyway.

The only record I can find of the building in former times is Shaw’s Pictorial Directory of 1850.

However, if the shopfront was beyond repair and/or significantly altered, a case could be made for its removal and replacement with a form suited to its new use, namely offices. In this instance that would naturally take the form of the original Georgian ground floor facade.

The removal of upper floor additions is not justified in those cirumstances in my opinion, and have rightly been left alone.

Yes the railings are idential to Westland Row, gunter. I couldn’t place where I’d seen them before.

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