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It looks quite striking. It reminds me of of the sort of buildings planned in the last flush of the Celtic Tiger years but with a bit more quality. I was thinking that that ribbon-like glass facade was for the back of the venue – no way would they get planning to demolish the street-side facade! The idea of having three separate performance venues is also a good idea which would make the NCH a lot more competitive especially now that it’s up against a refurbished Point, the Grand Canal Theatre and so on. They could cater for smaller events and gigs in the smaller theatres which would give them the finance to compete against the Grand Canal for the sort of performances they’re attracting. A refurbishment per se is a good idea for the NCH so as to give the place a lift since the place is a bit dated at the moment. It’s a shame to hear this project has stalled. It’d be nice if one of our tax exiles stepped in to bankroll this project in lieu of paying their share towards the land of their birth. Dermot Desmond and Denis O’Brien spring to mind as people with both the cash and business acumen necessary to drive a project like this forward.

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