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@Graham Hickey wrote:

The opportunity for a major new facade to the Iveagh Gardens is fantastic though – presumably this will consume in its entirety the substantial, almost derelict service space between the rear of the complex and the Iveagh wall. It seems the new auditorium will have to be placed horizontally along here, parallel to the front block if it’s to minimise consumption of the gardens…
And will the trees and general scrub be cleared away here to reveal views of the gardens? Perhaps for the best given some unsavoury tales of ‘activities’ in this area, but it would a shame to lose the mature winding walk along here all the same, allbeit admittedly in poor condition at this stage.

As far as I remember, there’s a clause in the lease for the Iveagh Gardens that prevents development from encroaching on the bulk, if not all, of the gardens. It was a (convenient) hindrance when the UCD authorities were looking to expand on the site in the 1950s/1960s.

Can’t think what else the Butler building would be used for, though. I’ve been on the ground floor and in the basement (once painted a crappy mural on the wall of the canteen) and the facilities are spartan, to put it diplomatically. And where will the new entrance go? To be formal and ceremonial, it would have to go through the existing main concert hall.

Lastly, I presume this won’t impact on Ireland’s last intact purpose-built Real Tennis court- it’s the redbrick building with its gable facing Earlsfort Terrace, afaik. A curious remnant that has been subject to various plans in recent years, but has withstood them all thus far.

What stories have you heard about the gardens, Graham? I can possibly guess, but haven’t heard any myself.

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