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Haha I knew I’d trigger notjim off; mentioning modern bronze and a popular figure in the same sentence is like pushing the Play button. I’d tend to agree insofar as I’m not a big fan of bronze used in this way – I find it has much greater effect when used to exquisite perfection like marble, or alteratively greatly texturised in an abstract manner, as for example with Larkin or the Famine figures. The in-betweeny trend of present is rarely emotive; the all-consuming blackness tends to soak up the light and thus the contrast of lower relief elements, while the mottled finish proves unsatisfying.

Certainly the stance and the character of McCormack is extremely well captured though, and the qualities of bronze emerge to great effect with higher relief parts such as the hands and the broad expanses of plain undulating surfaces to the rear.

Its simplicity appeals to most of us at some level – a people’s statue for a singer of the people? (are these ‘people’ the same people that Vincent Browne so relishes attacking the Worker’s Party over their use of the term ‘working people’?)

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