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Has Iveagh Gardens found a role – as a national sculpture park? Brilliant use for it and it’s good to see a representational interpretation of McCormack (whom I’ve never liked; far too folksy and with terrible sound recordings). Agreed that we are not in a ‘good’ period for sculpture (but a lot better than Tonehenge, notjim), although some of the more recent generic/group efforts are better than individual subjects (I can imagine what a horror the sculpture of that ‘acid-tongued bitch’ (to quote Edward VIII), the so-called Queen Mother, is).
If the NCH ever is extended, the wall between it and IG should be demolished and the whole regarded as part of an extended campus.
GregF: to pick up your point about the baroque: why did they not stick an over-the-top baroque bust of Handel over the so-called Handel Arch on Fishamble St? What a gesture that would be!
If you want to see a good contemporary sculptor working in the grand monumental style, have a look at the work of Alexander Stoddart.

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