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Good to see this thread revived. While remembering the figures of past times, what about the headcase who placed the mines in the Record House at the Four Courts and consigned 700 years of documentary history to oblivion?
Surely the problem with the Mountjoy Square house is that it is simply not big enough. The ‘paperless society’ is producing archives by the skipload every week. The archives do need an iconic building, but where? Can I make a contoversial suggestion? What about the pointless green area to the north of the King’s Inns/ Registry of Deeds? As landscaping it’s pretty naff and there is a logic to having all the archives near one another. Views of the main facade of King’s Inns would have to be preserved, but there is plenty of room for flanking buildings either side. Who would be up to designing a building worthy of the site? (Modernists need not apply.) And with a city-side approach via Henrietta St, there might at last be a use for that shamefully-neglected bit of Dublin’s patrimony.

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