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great post… this is what this site should be about…
my own feelings on the above:

1. demolition and the removal of it from all textbooks and websites…. but 40 storeys?? good luck. what’s with the name?? isn’t Dublinia the Viking Adventure place in temple bar??
2. why impose a minimum height? that’s a shit idea. what if you wanted a public toilet or a phone box? heh heh.. Although the term “execution of PD” does have a nice ring to it, especially around the Poolbeg/Sandymount area
3. cool… you could merge one of the turbines with the 8th hole on royal dublin, thereby turning it into some sort of crazy golf dealy,
4. i prefer their current plans to that, but a giant 15-storey Dublin jersey would attract some attention
5. yep gotta agree there, but isn’t the landbank to the east the Custom House?
6. Mixed Use would be better, with residential to prevent an IFSCesque post 6pm death, but the development has to be made 100% from recycled milk bottles, “don’t forget yer empties people!!!!”
7. See Airport Masterplan on Fingal website… it’s already in the pipeline… at least 20 years away though. no rush, terminal 2 will cater up to 35m pax til 2024, assuming it’s built by then
8. Yep, hopefully the ACA will be adopted and we’ll get that wish sooner rather than later
9. why? have you seen ireland play lately. they should be more concerned about the closure of dalyer than the opening of Lansdowne…
10. jesus why the fuck would you want that? are you Bertie in disguise… do you owe yer “close personal friends” a few thousand rounds in fagans?
11. see Line BX for the Luas link and Metro North for yer underground direct straight line connection on and take note of the opening dates and we’ll reconvene in 2030 and see how it’s all goin…
12. yep… but toll the entire road, why punish those travelling from Lucan to Blanch but not from the La to Sandyford??
13. christ no, are you mad?? oh wait, yeh i agree, build it as some sort of regional sundial so pilots can tell if they’re on time or not as they pull into Ulick’s terminal… great stuff

i’ll think of a wish list meself some day too… it’ll involve car parks on squares, bus stations on quays, motorways on canals and a 120,000 seater puppet theatre on Dalkey Island

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