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You seem to be just interested in making things bigger, that is not nessessarily a good thing.

1. Demolition of hawkin’s House and An post Building and replacement with new complex topped off by a 40 storey Dvblvnia Tower building.
……..No question that Hawkings house is a pigs ear, but a 40 story complex here might be a bit much. It would have a very strong presence over College green. It would have to be of an exceptionally high quality architecturally, like Agabar Tower in Barcalona.

2. Execution of PD “A New Heart for Dublin” plan with 15-storey minimum limit for redevelopment
………Its debatable. Do you think this would have positive impact on the city as a whole, and what affect would it have on the existing city centre.

3. Construction of a massive off-shore wind-farm off Bull-Island
………Possible enviromental and practical condiserations have to be considered since its an enviromentally protected area. there may be more suitable locations along the east coast.

4. Renovation of Arnotts to include a 15-storey signature Arnotts Centre somewhere at the middle of it.
……..already happening by the looks of things.

5. Demolition of current Liberty Hall and rebuild with 25 instead of 16 storeys and utilisation of landbank to the east of the central tower in new rebuild
……….Personally I think the current lib hall is at the limit of what that site could take in terms of height.

6. Renovation of old IGB Ringsend site into a new economic zone with high-tech incubator units, IFSC tax-haven zones, conference centre and higher-education facilities in a high-density rebuild.

7. Construction of two new terminals in Dublin Airport. One by Ulick McEvaddy and one by DAA and revamp of the original.
………currently in the planning process.

8. Revamp of Grafton Street through flushing out of lower-quality shops like phone shops with higher value replacements.
……….Unfortunatly this might not be possible. The council does not own these proporties so has little say in hoe existing units can be used. Its a similar situation on O Connell St – Id love to see the back on Mc Ds, etc. The council have said that they hope that the advent of new higher quality shops will drive out the fast food joints but in fact more retail shops on O Connell st are likely to strengthen their business case for staying put.

9. Revamp of Lansdowne Road to be upgraded to 65,000 from 50,000 capacity.
………Is a 65000 seater landsdown required? If the FAI/IRFU felt there was a business case for a bigger stadium they would probably be using it. With the existing croker and the new landsdown there would be little need for a third very large stadium in Dublin………
10. Construction of new 80,000 seater stadium west of Dublin to take all sports as part of a greater sports campus called Hibernia Park.

11. Connection of two Luas lines underground with direct-straight-line connection between O’Connell Street and Stephen’s Green.
……..No point using light rail underground. If your going to go through the expense and hassle of putting rail lines undergroung they should be high capacity and fast metro’s.

12. Barrier free tolling on M50 with conversion to Easy-Pass
………definitly agree

13. Construction of Digital hub Manor Park Homes Project in full.
………do you mean the 5at storey proposal?

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