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I came on here a year ago at my wits end, looking for advice. All I got was cat calling and abuse.
Now the shoes on the other foot. Don’t expect my sympathy.

You’re right. I had 80% designed the house. The muppet was told to work up the other 20% and submit planning – that was VERY CLEARLY explained during the hiring process, in my written Brief, and in the initial face to face meetings. I supplied plans, 3D models, a Survey, and minutes from a pre Planning meeting I’d had.

But instead, after 6 weeks, he presented me with a building which was not only utterly and fundamentally changed from my instruction, but was subsequently rejected by the Planners, as I told him it would be. Even as a lay man I could see it was doomed. But this prima donna refused to listen, ploughed on anyhow, and was rejected by the Planner at a subsequent pre Planning meeting. That wasted 3 months of my time, and the delay probably cost me several tens of thousands in the property downturn/bust.

I thought I was unlucky with this twit, but I’ve had friend after acquaintance after builder tell me how much strife they’ve had from architects.

Here’s my advice to those of you wishing to survive in business.

When designing a private dwelling;
LISTEN to the clients requirements.
FORGET your own flights of fancy.
RESPECT the Client – he pays your salary.
FOLLOW the Clients instructions.
DON’T ARGUE or tell your client you know better, unless you have sound structural reasons.
CUT your inflated prices. That’ll happen anyhow, do or die.

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