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Re: Fees
Look, it’s very simple.

You find an architect who is willing to do one-off houses. Lots aren’t – myself included – because single home clients are, quite frankly, a total nightmare. Assuming you find one, go through the plans / 3D / whatever you have. If the Architect fancies the job then he will put forward a fee proposals for the work

Prior to this happening, you two will have to have agreed the scope of those works ie do you want a planning scheme, do you want construction drawings and no supervision, do you want full supervision. This can take several meetings and – get this – you will rarely be charged for this!!! Try getting a solicitor to do that.

When dealing with a um, ah, thorough client as yourself the fee proposal should be detailed and the scope of works even more so. If your scheme is in anyway complicated and if the Client is likely to quibble over money, a wise architect will include for both structural and quantity surveyors, for which you will be expected to pay.

With regard to the fee, we could shite on all day over this so just beat whatever you can out of the poor sod. You can also set out what you want it to cover – just the building shell or shell plus fittings etc. Bear in mind that what you pay for is what will be certified

Meccano, looking back at your post from February where you complained about architects fees, it sounds like you did not heed wearnicehats advice from then to have a detailed fee proposal.

Presumably you have shopped around and gone for the lowest price (probably well below the old RIAI recommended percentages) and just agreed it on a shake of hands and now come a cropper.
A cautionary tale for all…..

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