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Have you all sat down and discussed the situation through calmly and clearly? It would be far better to sort it out among yourselves. Two issues have to be sorted out, money and design.
No more monies should be handed over before both are dealth with. Ive seen this before and a nice long chat normally sorts it out. He had his reasons for the proposed design let him explain them. Im sure he was acting for your best interests.
I would be fairly sure that he will take on board your ideas and listen to what you have to say from here, however if not, change architect.
It is not uncommon to pay for architectural services in advance by the way. There are practices however who do not require cash up front.

In truth, I find him a poor communicator. He waffles a lot. And I mean – A Lot.
Having a conversation with him is like wrestling with a grumpy octopus. He’s all over the place, never stcks to the subject. God I must sound like a picky bastard *sigh*. You’d have to try for yourselves to know what I mean.
Its all shockingly unprofessional, thats all I can say.

Hutton, I presume they approved it in principle, and didn’t “rule it out” from the outset at pre-planning. As you probably already know, a pre-planning understanding doesn’t in any way mean a grant will be forthcoming.

I wanted to meet the Planners BEFORE choosing an architect, because I needed to know if they would accept a contemporary building or not. Their opinion would influence my choice of architect.
I had clear ideas of the building I wanted, Even had drafted 3D models on Google Sketchup. I went in alone. The Planner was positive to the point of enthusiasm. That then allowed me to hire an architect to realise that plan – unfortunately, he had his own plans.

I’m a tad flabbergasted at this fella’s total lack of professionalism. At the end of the day, he should know what pays the bills. It’s fine to suggest and prod clients but to completely depart from their wishes smacks of negligence, and downright idiocy. I can only presume he’s self employed and has no masters above him waiting for the fees?

Yes he’s self employed. And seems to be a one man band too.

I agree with Hutton and ciai. Perhaps give him one more chance, if he’ll do so without charge. If not, it may be time to have the ‘it’s not me, it’s you’ conversation.

I can see myself in court with him if I sack him. He seems to think he’s owed money, so I presume he won’t just let it go.

it is most certainly not arguing over semantics. If a client asked me to agree to a fee on grant of planning I’d tell them where to go

Rather nasty comment that – given that the fee arrangement was HIS idea. Obviously other architects work differently to you.

This should be reasonably simple to clear up. When you engaged this architect, after having an initial consultation, after discussing the project and what you expected and having agreed fees – all as per standard advice on the RIAI website – you both sat down and agreed on the wording of the letter of appointment and both signed up to this accordingly.

Nope, none of it was ‘standard’.

This will be the first thing looked at in any arbitration situation. Otherwise, of course, it’s your word against his. What does your appointment agreement say?

It says nothing about him getting paid just when he feels like it!

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