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I think the mandatory audit threshold was raised in recent years to quite dizzy heights of turnover – 2/300,000 Euro IIRC? – so now things might be different.

For 12 years or so it’s been £250,000 or €317,434.

But my point was that allowances (e.g. civil service milage on cars owned by users) and taxes (at 12.5% on any profits versus the income tax rates 20%/41%) are better as a ltd co.
And neither can creditors come after the personal property of the proprietors.
I have heard it said that there may be advantages in starting as a sole trader if you want to claim VAT back on building work done on the premises leased.

Sorry for going off-topic.
Frankly, as a layman often looking at Mr Murray’s buildings, I will not be too sad to see a reduction in the amount of skyline annually granted to him.
I find many of his larger buildings cold from the outside. The Clarion Hotel looks tacky.
Several having clichéd motifs, e.g. the castellated motif so common in many of the new blocks in Limerick city — though it is a fault shared by many other new blocks there, e.g. some of the newer car-parks in Limerick even have corner towers in them.
I can’t make the same accusation at some of the jobs done by Mr Bingham.
I’d see him as a real loss, despite his preference for more horizontal aspect development.

Someone in an old thread said that a practice needs to be so big or so financed before it may present designs for public sector buildings.
If this is so then surely it militates against the young architects in their 20s who have the idealism, freshness of mind and energy to come up with novel designs — and also the time to recover from the strains of failure.
It also discriminates against those experienced but small practices who could well have very worthy proposals for certain projects.
Is this not something that your RIAI (pushed by its members, naturally) would address ?

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