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In other distance learning universities, they have these summer schools whereby students do the practical work content of their course in week long stretches. In OU engineering courses, I think, the practicals are done annually over 2 x 2 week summer schools, usually taken in 2 different centres – usually regular university engineering departments during summer recess. As well as giving the students the required practical training, they give them the chance to all meet and engage both studywise and socially. (The time was taken from the students summer holidays plus some special leave given them by employers if employed.)
To what extent Arch Technologists would need direct practical work for their course, I do not know. But I can see some potential benefits from it in terms of group projects, peer review (if the summer school were held on Napier campus, then the regular M.Sc. (A.T.) based at Napier could possibly also be around to contribute.
Of course, there is one major disadvantage to you personally in this, were it introduced:
the relatively high cost of UK-Caribbean flights :thumbdown:

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