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Alek Smart

I rather sadly have to agree-with-mr-Seerski.
It probably has more to do with our Catholic upbringing than any Planning or Governance issues.
We have been inured with the belief that its the Primacy of the Individual that counts above all else……Individual Belief,Individual Faith and the rights of the Individual to exist at whatever level THEY wish irrespective of the effects this Individiality has on the collective lives co-existing with them on this little Island.
This for example allows one single Individual to board a Bus,hoist a bag upon the dashboard, and begin a slow and laborious search and rescue procedure for their BusFare whilst remaining TOTALLY oblivious to the bedraggled,soaked and strangely silent queue of OTHER people standing in the pissing cold rain with THEIR Busfare already counted out…The search can be a time consuming one,oft accompanied by muttered grumbles about how long “I” have been waiting for the Bus etc etc.
I have witnessed in other European Cities how the other passengers will simply apply the “Greater Good” principle and brush the Rooter aside therefore asserting their right to avail of faster public transport journeys by having their fare ready….However this will NOT happen here and the poor ol Plain People of Ireland simply stand in line behind the Terminally Unprepared one raising their eyes to heaven secure in the catholic knowledge that this is merely part of their Purgatory on Earth for which they will be richly recompensed in the afterlife……
In the meantime lets hear the assembled choir of the Archiseekers get to their feet for a rousing rendition of the Rolling Stones tune……..”You can`t always Get what you Want”……ah one,ah two,ah three…….. :p

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