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Interesting to see Phoenix Park being mentioned again. Despite the value of wild, barren stretch of land in our ever increasing urban landscape, a planned re-appraisal is definitely required.

Personally I’d love to see the area close to the Zoo being developed as a recreation area. Anyone been to Budapest and visited Margaret’s Island and seen the use of Public Space there ( Water Parks, Bars, Restaurants ) or the park behind Heroes Square ( Zoo, Funfair, Baths ( Indoor and Out ) , Bars etc )?? As is the Park is only accessible to Joggers, those with Cars or to Deer..People don’t go there for any real purpose other than to get out of the house..!!

Isn’t there some Historical laws surrounding development in the Park?

( On another note , getting very annoyed with the City Councils persistence in hanging Christmas lights in those nasty straight lines.. Where’s the love ?? )

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