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Mr McCabe has a very persuasive letter in todays Irish Times. He points out that he is not against public access to the Square but rather is concerned at what DCC will do with it when they take control. He points our that the three other Squares are less than satisfactory, although I am not sure DCC are to blame for Parnell Sq which has always developed differently from the others (Rotunda, Gate etc). Mountjoys deterioration and less than satisfactory revival can definetly be laid at the poor planning practices of the Corpo in the 50s to 80s. Merrion Sq on the face of it is a nice colourful haven in the city and I am not sure that flower beds and sculpture are completly amiss here. However, a review of some of the elements in the park would be welcome. Maybe creating a feature of historic lamps elsewhere in the city and removing some of the sculpture to more suitable and relevent places.

Ultimately though I favour opening Fitzwilliam to the public. Less of an elistist ‘residents only’ approach to public spaces please.

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