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Andrew Duffy

The tallest building is actually 12 storeys.

Reg. Ref.: D04A/1546
Application Rec’d Date: 23-Dec-2004
Applicant Name & Address: Knockrabo Developments Limited Taylors Three Rock, Grange Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16.
Location: Knockrabo, Mount Annville Road, Dublin 14

The development on a 3.10 ha site will consist of (1) The development of 369 units in total (330 no. apartments, 34 no. duplex apartments and 5 no. townhouses) in 8 blocks ranging in height between 2 to 12 storeys (2) The provision of a total of 538 no. car parking spaces (520 no. in basements and 18 on surface) and 429 no. bicycle parking spaces. (3) The provision of 246 sq.m. creche and a353 sq.m. fitness facility within one of the proposed blocks. (4) The construction of a new access from Mount Anville Road to serve the proposed development pending the construction of the Sandyford – St. Helen’s Link motorway. (5) The use of the existing access from Mount Annville Road through the entrance gate and wing walls (Protected Structure) as the vehicular access to the proposed creche. (6) The provision of foul and surface water outfall sewers to the drainage for a proposed housing development adjacent to the northwest corner of the site between the housing along Heldelberg Road and Hollywood Drive and all other site infrastructure works above and below ground and landscaping required to facilitate the proposed development will be within the curtilage of a gate lodge and entrance gates and piers (to the former Knockrabo House) which are protected structures. An Environmental Impact Statement will be submitted to the Planning Authority.

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