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A fine understated piece – nice set of windows there too.

Thanks for Carlow ctesiphon – wow!

Is this Washington or Carlow town?!
The site the picture is linked from says Cork’s courthouse was originally planned for Carlow but they go mixed up. Sounds credible considering their similarities in the portico department.

Is that Graham doing his contemporary ‘little match girl’ routine on the steps?

The photographer stays behind the camera ctesiphon, behind – to press the button like.
And I do not appreciate being compared to Stephen Gately in appearance thanks very much 😀

The famous Three of course have to feature:

– utterly depressing to see the derelict Georgian being used as an access point to a car park, and especially standing in such a prominent position. It ought to be compulsorily acquired if not secured immediately by the owner and plans put forward for a full restoration.
The state-hung houses next door though look just fantastic in real life 🙂

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