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Fascinating topic, often overlooked. The Germans started to arrive in Ireland from about 1711 and the most successful settlements were in Limerick/North Kerry. In 1700 non-citizens could not own property and also had tax issues, e.g. non-naturalized merchants had to pay double taxes under the Navigation Acts. It took either a private act of Parliament or a grant by the Crown to become a citizen. Both of these were lengthy and costly processes, about £70 (or £100k in today’s money.)

Parliament passed the Naturalization Act in 1709 simplifying the process and it encouraged thousands of Germans to emigrate to Britain, Ireland and British America. They mainly came from the Rhineland Palatinate areas and fled from Louis XIV’s wars with Germany & its allies which included Britain. Daniel Defoe was a big supporter and wrote copious pamphlets in their favour.

Igoe’s book is a fascinating read for those witha historical bent.

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