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CC I appluad your idealism but JD’s point needs to be further explained; none of these businesses would be in this location if this was not a redevelopment play. The buildings in question would simply be let to High Street multiples and sold on in lots as investments and the land behind these shops would be non-performing and of no benefit to the City.

What we would all love to see is a dedicated China Town with some good Japanese & Vietnamese restaurants as well something along the lines of the area between Leicester Square and Shaftsbury Ave WC1 London being done in Dublin. The way it respects the existing street grain yet is entirely distinctive.

For once I hope the next area / theme selected for an Action Area plan moves away from Museum and Cultural quater and moves towards cultural inclusion as its theme and for once it might just be realistic. Unlike Smithfield, Harp, Docklands, North East Inner City etc etc

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