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@jdivision wrote:

I see your point but it will be changed completely. City Council has guaranteed to move on street traders and most of the properties are owned by a developer.

I knew it when I started my work! but as a designer that is all what I can do! sad! sad!
As a foreigner living in Dublin I do not beleive that giving a modern facade is right way for Dublin’s future. World co-operation and integration be the main route for any country. Dublin’s unique features developed is the cheap and fascinative cleaver idea. Base on the geographic matters Dublin is at on the edge of EU and also A huge “modern” market place in front of here —- London . Do any people want to see the modern style coming here? I do not think so!! immigrants can make the local more life, diversity life, and there is no one country “really keeping eye” on them if Ireland can step towards first or just a little would be benifite for both!!!!

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