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@ciai wrote:

I do not agree that changing Parnell St. as Pedestrian zone because the street is linking east and west direction,
there is not good access in that direction in Dublin city, the traffic routes mainly radiat from city center to surrounding area,no more full circle road linking these radiation roads. if cut off Parnell St. that would make the city center havey traffic and also the Dockland loses a city linking route.
that is my opining !

Yellow : Henry St. and Grafton St.
Green: Parnell St.

Im inclined to agree with you CIAI – and I am not generally predisposed to cars over pedestrrians in the inner–urban environment. However I think your analysis is fairly on the money; apart from anything Parnell St is also part of DCC’s inner orbital route traffic system.

Some interesting ideas here. Re no.16, I presume you are aware that it is scheduled as a National Monument?

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